Digital Review of Latin America and the Caribbean 2007

Panorama Digital 2007 de América Latina y el Caribe

Digital Review 2007 of Latin America and the Caribbean:Progress and Challenges Policies for Development with ICT-Abridged document

Abridged English version: 37 pages instead of the 255 page Spanish version:

Panorama Digital 2007 de América Latina y el Caribe

Massiel Guerra, Martin Hilbert, Valeria Jordán y Christian Nicolai
Information Society Series No. 35, ECLAC Project documents,

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Ths document has been elaborated by the consultants Massiel Guerra and Christian Nicolai, with Valeria Jordan and Martin Hilbert from the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). The team would like to thank Radhika Lal of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Hernán Galperin of the Regional Dialogue on the Information Society (DIRSI), Bruce Girard and Ben Petrazzini of Institute for Connectivity in the Americas of the International Development Research Center (ICA-IDRC) for their contributions. The document summarizes the conclusions of the "Digital Review 2007 of Latin America and t he Caribbean" project carried out by the UNDP, ECLAC , DIRSI, with the financial support of @LIS, of the European Commission (Alliance for the Information Society) and the ICA-IDRC. The UNDP began this effort in Latin America and the Caribbean after doing a series of similar studies in the Asia Pacific region (

The Spanish language full version is made of 11 separate studies that were elaborated by the following consultants: Karim Anaya Stucchi, Yuri Arrais, Alex Gives Silva Alves, Jorge Dussán Hitscherich, Federico Kuhlmann, Ignacio Jara, Antonio José Junqueira Botelho, Carlos Miranda Levy, Ana Laura Rivoir, Roberto Rodríguez, and Ma rlon Tabora. The opinions expre ssed in this document, which has not been subjected to editorial revision, are those of the author’s exclusiv e responsibility and cannot be taken to reflect the official opinion of any of the organizations involved in its pr eparation. Neither does it reflect the official opinion of the European Union, which has collaborated with financial suppor t for the elaboration of this document.